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June News for the Patagonia Area Resource Alliance
Patagonia Area Resource Alliance
Below is a map of some of Wildcat Silver’s most recent activities. The dotted line is around their mining claims, encompassing 6000 acres of National Forest in the Patagonia Mountains. Click for a larger view.
Wildcat Silver is currently extending their claims south into Mowry. They are also claiming the mineral rights on privately-owned land. Most homeowners in Arizona, unfortunately, do not own the mineral rights underneath their own property.
Wildcat likes to declare that they will be good neighbors. Claiming the mineral rights on the property of local residents does not seem neighborly to us. Read our blog “Wildcat Silver: Good Neighbors in Name Only.”
Map of Wildcat Silver claims and activities. Courtesy Freedom of Information Act.Map of Wildcat Silver claims and activities. Courtesy Freedom of Information Act.

Forest Service Public Meeting

Tuesday, June 11 at 6:30 pm in Patagonia, Arizona

The Coronado National Forest and the Town of Patagonia will co-host a meeting in the Patagonia Union High School Cafetorium, 200 Naugle (Hwy 82), Patagonia, Arizona. Click for map.
One purpose of the meeting will be to introduce incoming Minerals personnel to the community. Another will be to update residents on mining projects or proposed projects on the Forest.
Coronado personnel will be available to answer questions following the presentation.
For more information please contact Heidi Schewel, U.S. Forest Service Communications Staff Officer at (520) 388-8300.We encourage everyone to attend this meeting. These mining projects are slated for our public land. We believe the Forest Service will be giving updates for Wildcat Silver and the Regal Resources Sunnyside mining project in Humboldt Canyon.
Wildcat Silver Mining Claim stake

Please Plan to Attend

Mining activities in the Patagonia Mountains places our water at risk, among many other issues. Wildcat Silver and Regal’s mining exploration projects will use millions of gallons of water from our aquifer. According to the Climate Assessment for the Southwest group of the University of Arizona, we’ve been experiencing drought since 2000 and forecasts predict our drought conditions to continue.
There’s also the importance of the safety of our water from contamination. Please plan to ask your questions and voice your concerns.
Two recent reports regarding mining pollution: 

Arizona Department of Water Resources:
Make a Donation

 Make A Donation

Charitable giving to the Patagonia Area Resource Alliance allows you to make a tangible difference by empowering us to continue our efforts to stop mining activity in the Patagonia region.
Your donations also make it possible for us to organize community involvement and action so that we can protect the Patagonia Mountains, our water and our communities.
We are committed to our mission and grateful for your support. Click here to donate now.
PARA is a volunteer-based, non-profit, 501(c)(3)-pending organization, based in Patagonia, Arizona. All or part of your donation may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Please check with your tax advisor.
Lars Marshall, Chairman Fourth of July Committee

Patagonia 4th of July Celebration

The Patagonia 4th of July Celebration is totally dependent on donations and volunteers. There’s music and games throughout the day in the Town Park leading up to the FIREWORKS at the High School. Your donations and the amazing efforts of the Patagonia Volunteer Fire Department make this all possible.

Checks should be made to “Patagonia 4th of July Committee” and sent to:

Lars Marshall P.O. Box 191, Patagonia, AZ 85624,  For questions and more information: (520)-394-0230 or
Nature By Numbers

Patagonia BioBlitz

What’s a BioBlitz? It’s an intense biological survey conducted in a short amount of time with the goal to record as many specimens as possible.
We hosted a BioBlitz for the Patagonia Mountains with Sky Island Alliance and scientists from all over the Southwest on April 26-28, 2013. A crew from Arizona Public Media was on hand on Friday to record some of the action. See “Nature by the Numbers” by Tony Paniagua from Arizona Illustrated Nature.

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