PARA Needs Your Support to Resist Industrial Mining in the Patagonia Mountains

FALL 2017

We are having our annual fundraising appeal earlier than usual this year.  It has been a very busy year resisting industrial mining in the Patagonia Mountains.

Arizona Mining, Inc. (AMI) released its Preliminary Economic Statement (PEA) in May. AMI hired qualified individuals from various disciplines to write the industry’s “best practices” in 2017 and for the best case scenario: world-class mineral reserves that are extractable at low cost providing an incredible rate of return for investors.  And, of course, there are no environmental issues, LOTS of water, the permit process is mostly at state level, lots of skilled labor, transportation of the ore isn’t a problem and from AMI’s April 3 Press Release: “Our permitting efforts are underpinned by strong existing local and state support built on early and extensive engagement.”

The operating information presented by AMI in its PEA truly horrify us.

  • Water drawdown of almost a MILLION GALLONS OF WATER PER DAY
  • BIG truck traffic totals 3,996 trucks per month or 133 BIG trucks per day on Harshaw Road at any time of the day or night. PLUS 264 employees making round trips in their vehicles
  • Extensive blasting requires deliveries of 143 TONS to 205 TONS of ammonium nitrate PER MONTH.

The potential impact on the quantity and quality of water, the blasting and the increase in traffic would be devastating on the quality of life in this area.

There are additional AMI activities such as the attempt to purchase a 14-acre public land parcel and closing off a county road (Flux Canyon Road) without authorization.

In its current investor presentation, AMI states it will publish a Feasibility Study late 2017/early 2018. The Feasibility Study will provide more definitive information and is when PARA needs to bring in a lot of experts to provide factual information to AMI’s best case scenario. When AMI (then known as Wildcat Silver) published its Feasibility Report for the Hermosa Mine Proposal, PARA worked with Earthworks to produce a report of the potential impacts to Patagonia.  It is PARA’s opinion that AMI seemingly abandoning that plan is no coincidence.

This is truly a “David vs Goliath” battle.  AMI recently announced that it had raised a cash infusion of Canadian $110 million (US 87.46 million). And AMI has been busy hiring industry experts as well as appointing John Boehner (yes that Boehner — think access to elected officials) to its Board of Directors.

Typically, our fundraising appeal is for operating funds. Now, PARA needs to respond strongly and quickly to the Feasibility Report. The estimated costs for experts (Earthworks for response to Feasibility environmental impacts, economic expert for response to factual net impact to our local economy, an attorney to regain  access to Flux Canyon Road) is $35,000 to 40,000.

And so this year, PARA is asking our supporters to donate more generously than ever before in order to raise at least $50,000 for 2018 operating expenses and estimated expert expenses to STOP AMI IN ITS TRACKS

Remember – every conversation, every action – moves us one step closer to protecting the Patagonia Mountains and our community’s precious water. We’d like to ask all of you to join PARA in taking real action to resist the damaging impacts of industrial mining on our community. Here are some ways you can join us.

  • Write a letter to the editorat the Patagonia Regional Times and Nogales International.
  • Sign up to volunteer with PARA and help forge a path towards responsible mining.
  • Have a conversationwith your neighbors, family, and friends about responsible These can be tough conversations, but can be an opportunity for unity about things that matter to all of us.
  • Donate to PARA.