Indian Head Mountain ©Glen E Goodwin for Patagonia Area Resource Alliance

About PARA

For a thriving community…


The Patagonia Area Resource Alliance (PARA) is a grassroots, non-profit community alliance committed to preserving and protecting the Patagonia, Arizona area.

We are a citizen watchdog organization that monitors the activities of mining companies, as well as ensures government agencies’ due diligence, to make sure their actions have long-term, sustainable benefits to our public lands, our water, and the town of Patagonia.

PARA recognizes that the health and economic prosperity of our community of Patagonia are tied deeply to the well-being of the Patagonia Mountains and the Harshaw/Sonoita Creek watershed. They are the source of our drinking water, clean air and the biological wealth that drives our local economy.


Our Mission:

  • To stop destruction by mining in the Patagonia Mountains, Canelo Hills and San Rafael Valley.
  • To protect and preserve the Patagonia area waterways from pollution and depletion by mining activities.
  • To work hand in hand with other organizations and area businesses to promote solutions for a thriving community that is economically stable and environmentally sustainable.


We Value:

The Patagonia Area Resource Alliance was formed in 2011 in response to renewed mining interest in the Patagonia Mountains. We’ve made it our mission to educate and engage the community about the risks and realities of mining, to promote local sustainable economies, to better understand our precious and imperiled natural resources such as clean water and wildlife, and to actively advocate for the protection of those resources including Patagonia’s distinct and serene rural way of life.

The Patagonia area has a rich cultural heritage that includes ranching, farming, and ecotourism. The town of Patagonia supports a diverse arts community as well. We support sustainable development that maintains or enhances economic opportunity and community well-being while protecting and restoring the natural environment and our biological wealth.

Working with community members and organizations, we aim to prevent further environmental degradation as well as promote restoration efforts in order to maintain and preserve our public lands, our drinking water, and our air for future generations. A thriving community depends upon generating and maintaining our economic and environmental health–for now and for the future.


Our Activities and Accomplishments:

In order to keep you, our supporters, current on our most recent activities, we post a Report to the Community on the highlights of our efforts to preserve and protect the Patagonia, Arizona area. View reports.