We hope that by viewing our stories, you may better understand why the Patagonia area merits protection and preservation.

The Patagonia Area Resource Alliance recognizes that the health and economic prosperity of our community of Patagonia is tied deeply to the well-being of the Patagonia Mountains and Harshaw/Sonoita Creek watersheds. They are the source of our drinking water, clean air and the centerpieces that drive our local economy. The PARA mission is to stop new mining in the Patagonia Mountains.


Leaking Historic Patagonia, Arizona Mines ↓

With locally heavy storms in late September 2014, old copper and silver mine sites near Patagonia, Arizona overflowed with bright red acid mine drainage and dumped their heavy metal contaminants into local streams. These toxic reminders of our mining history have the potential to wreak havoc on local water supplies and wildlife in the Coronado National Forest, one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world. Read more.



Mining Patagonia Video Trailer ↓

TRAILER: Mining Patagonia. The environmental and social impacts of proposed open pit mining in Patagonia, Arizona.


If you have more time…
Please watch the entire 18 minute documentary by Michele Gisser: Mining Patagonia 

Through interviews with residents of Patagonia, this short documentary explores the issues and consequences that an open pit mine would impose on this environmentally rich yet fragile town. Filmmaker Michele Gisser – Produced for PARA

Official selection for the 2013 Wild And Scenic Film Festival.

Mining Patagonia Video Documentary



Forever Wild ↓

Created for the Patagonia Area Resource Alliance, Photos courtesy of Glen E Goodwin
Forever Wild, written by Walkin Jim Stoltz and sung by Peg Millet.



Arizona National Scenic Trail ↓

A film by Levi Davis about the Arizona National Scenic Trail and the Arizona Trail Trek.
The Arizona National Scenic Trail is a continuous, 800+ mile diverse and scenic trail. It links deserts, mountains, canyons, communities and people. All the way from Mexico. All the way to Utah.
The Arizona Trail Trek was a 2 1/2 month thru-hike of the Arizona Trail in Spring 2014 celebrating the trail and the Gateway Communities. Patagonia is an official Gateway Community for the Arizona National Scenic Trail.



Patagonia Bioblitz April 2013 ↓

In April of 2013, Sky Island Alliance joined forces with the Patagonia Area Resource Alliance to conduct a bioblitz in the Patagonia Mountains. Hundreds of species records were collected by experts and citizen scientists for animals and plants in the mountain range. This investigation helped provide a better understanding of the incredible biodiversity found in the Patagonia Mountains. Learn more.



Introduction to Arizona’s Sky Islands ↓

The Patagonia Mountains are part of Arizona’s Sky Islands. Learn all about the wonders, and science, of Arizona’s unique Sky Island mountains in this introductory video created by the Flandrau Science Center at the University of Arizona for their “Exploring Sky Islands” exhibit – made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Arizona’s Sky Islands host more biodiversity than anywhere else in the United States!