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“The Town of Patagonia is appropriately proud of its history and distinctive character. The community is quirky and likes it that way. Patagonia’s spirit is easily confirmed by a single visit. Situated between the Santa Rita Mountains and the Patagonia  Mountains, in the riparian corridor of Sonoita Creek, Patagonia is spectacularly rich in both natural and human assets.” ~ from the Town of Patagonia’s website

If you enjoy peace and quiet, Patagonia is the perfect place to come and relax. Stroll our quaint main street with shops and cafes. Take the self-guided Historic Walking Tour. Stay at one of our many bed and breakfasts or the local hotel.

Guajalote FlatIf you’re active and enjoy the outdoors, try one of the self-guided Bike Loop Tours of the Patagonia Mountains. Our area offers tremendous opportunities for hiking and biking, around town as well as throughout the Patagonia Mountains in the Coronado National Forest. The Town of Patagonia is an official Gateway Community for the Arizona National Scenic Trailwhich is used by dayhikers, backpackers, equestrians, mountain bikers, trail runners and nature enthusiasts.

Bring your binoculars! The Patagonia, Arizona area is also internationally known as a premier bird watching destination with 11 Audubon Important Bird Areas nearby including the Patagonia Mountains, TNC Patagonia Sonoita Creek Preserve, and the Sonoita Creek State Natural Area. Don’t forget Tucson Audubon’s Paton Center for Hummingbirds for easy–but amazing–bird watching!

Only eight miles down the road from town is Patagonia Lake State Park. At two and a half miles long and 250 surface acres, Patagonia Lake State Park is popular for a variety of recreational activities, including water skiing, fishing, camping, picnicking, birding and hiking.

At an elevation of 4000 feet, summers in Patagonia mean cooler temperatures than Tucson or Phoenix. When the summer rains come in late June or early July, our world turns gloriously green. Patagonia is truly a town for all seasons. We hope to see you here!


Plan Your Visit to Patagonia, Arizona! Some of Our Amenities…

Visit Patagonia – Tourist info including accommodations, restaurants and activities. 520-345-4172

Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve – Home to one of Arizona’s few permanently flowing streams, endangered fish, butterflies and birds. The Preserve borders the Town of Patagonia, Arizona.

Tucson Audubon’s Paton Center for Hummingbirds • Explore and experience the special birds of southeast Arizona in the Town of Patagonia. Dedicated to the celebration and conservation of hummingbirds—and all of southeast Arizona’s astounding biodiversity—through recreation, education, and sustainable living. Gates are open dawn to dusk. Entry is free of charge.

Patagonia Roadside Rest – One of the more unconventional birding hotspots in the Town of Patagonia, Arizona. Many very rare birds have been found here. Easy access of off Highway 82.

Patagonia Lake State Park – Popular for a variety of recreational activities, including water skiing, fishing, camping, picnicking, birding, and hiking.

Sonoita Creek State Natural Area – Located next to Patagonia Lake State Park, a riparian area with hiking and horseback riding trails, bird watching opportunities and hike-in tent camping. See map of trails.

Arizona Trail – An 800+ mile recreation trail from Mexico to Utah that connects mountain ranges, canyons, deserts, forests, wilderness areas, historic sites, trail systems, points of interest, communities, and people. The trail goes right through the Town of Patagonia, Arizona. See Passage #3 – Canelo Hills West and Passage #4 – Temporal Gulch.

Coronado National Forest – The Patagonia Mountains are one of the gems of the sky islands, supporting plant and animal communities as biologically diverse as those encountered on a trip from Mexico to Canada.

Patagonia Regional Times – Our monthly gazette style newspaper featuring local news and local color.

Patagonia Public Library – Once the home of the Patagonia Hotel, c. 1914, this renovated building now is home to one of the most vibrant rural libraries you’ve ever visited!  Many computer stations and wifi available.

Friends of Sonoita Creek – A local educational non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of Sonoita Creek and its watershed. They also lead hikes throughout the area.

Audubon’s Arizona Important Bird Areas (IBA) – The Patagonia Mountains are an IBA–a program to benefit Arizona’s bird populations of greatest conservation concern, and other native biodiversity, and their most critical habitats and sites! There are 12 IBA sites in southeastern Arizona, including the Patagonia Mountains.


We Support Local in Patagonia, Arizona!

We’re proud to support the local Patagonia area businesses and organizations.

Enjoy Patagonia and check our locally-owned businesses–no chains or franchises here! PARA and these local businesses and organizations recognize that the health and economic prosperity of our community of Patagonia is tied deeply to the well-being of the Patagonia Mountains and Harshaw/Sonoita Creek waterways. They are the source of our water, clean air and the biological wealth that drives our local economy. We’re all united in the mission to stop new mining in the Patagonia Mountains.

“In early December of 2011, two local business owners surveyed the owners of all identified small businesses in the area surrounding the towns of Sonoita, Elgin, and Patagonia to the south of the proposed Rosemont Mine in Santa Cruz County. They identified 217 businesses employing approximately 800 people. The survey asked two questions:

  1. What percentage of the firm’s sales was derived from visitors to the area?
  2. What percentage of those visitors were drawn to the area by its landscape and cultural amenities*?

The responses indicated that about 66 percent of these firms’ sales were tied to the purchases of visitors rather than residents. In addition, 78 percent of the visitors were drawn to the area by the landscape and cultural amenities as opposed to just passing through, being on business, visiting family, etc. Combined, these results indicate that the landscape and cultural amenities were responsible for 51 percent of local business sales in the area. If employment is proportional to sales, this would suggest that 386 local jobs are associated with the surrounding landscape and cultural amenities in this small town and rural area.”

*These “amenities” were defined on the survey as hiking, biking, birding, hunting, equestrian activities, ranches, relaxation get-aways, health and wellness, historic and cultural sites, arts and artists, dining, and shopping. The Failure of the Rosemont Mine DEIS to Adequately Analyze the Socioeconomic Impacts of the Proposed Mine;  Thomas Michael Power, PhD Donovan S. Power, MS Power Consulting Missoula, Montana


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